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Durable Net-Lease Portfolio

  • Essential
  • Consistent
  • Strategic

RoseRock Acquisitions is committed to building a durable net-leased portfolio of essential single-tenant assets yielding above market returns for investors.

  • Portfolio construction will consist of diverse tenant mix with staggered lease expirations.
  • Durable, essential net-lease properties targeted.
  • Partnerships formed to source off-market acquisitions.
  • Experienced acquisition and management team at RoseRock leading all transactions.

Acquisitions Strategy

How we can help you

RoseRock Acquisitions is building a durable net-leased portfolio of essential single-tenant assets. This Fund will produce consistent returns for investors while maintaining a diverse mix of properties backed by strong credit tenants.

Our Team

Our team’s experience and knowledge partnered with industry relationships that understand net-lease assets helps us create a consistent yield for investors. We have been developing, acquiring and selling net-leased assets for over 10 years creating value with a diverse tenant mix of quality properties.

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