What We Do

We are guided by overarching and deeply rooted principles of honesty, commitment and loyalty both in the business affairs of RoseRock and the personal lives of its decision-makers.

Our Approach

RoseRock’s principals are actively pursuing well-located, commercial development and re-development opportunities. RoseRock will evaluate opportunities in select markets and will seek strategic partnerships where desirable to enhance the probability of achieving superior returns.

We believe that consistent transparent reporting to our investors is essential. This helps sharpen performance and forces frequent evaluation and analysis of each investment. Unanimous Executive Committee approval is necessary before capital is deployed.

  • Attractive leveraged dividend yields.
  • Substantial discounts to replacement cost.
  • Leveraged IRR’s of 20-30%
  • Leveraged Equity Multiples of 3.0x-4.5x.
  • Hands-on and active approach to deals.
  • Consistent transparent reporting.
  • Unanimous executive committee approval.
  • Actively managing funds.
  • Frequent evaluation and analysis of investments.
  • Personal relationships with business principles
Insights & Location
  • Strategic partnerships.
  • We believe that healthcare related opportunities are growing.
  • Primary investment activity will occur in Texas and central USA.
  • Headquarters are centrally located

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