What We Do

Our primary focus is consolidating well-located, strong credit essential net-lease properties into a diverse but organized portfolio generating above-market yields for the Fund's investors.

Our Approach

RoseRock is actively constructing a durable, consistent yield for all investor partners of the Fund. RoseRock will evaluate opportunities within a geographical target and will seek strategic partnerships to enhance yield and mitigate risk.

We believe that consistent and transparent reporting to all investors is essential across all company platforms. This helps sharpen performance and forces frequent evaluation and analysis of each acquisition.

  • Consistent dividend yields.
  • Experienced team with extensive industry partnerships
  • High quality tenant base; corporate lease guaranties
  • Essential assets (E-commerce defensible and pandemic resilient)
  • Strategic diversification of tenants, industries, and markets
  • Consistent detailed reporting
  • In-house management of assets
  • Frequent evaluation and analysis of properties
  • Personal relationships with business principles
  • Majority ownership of acquisitions
Insights & Location
  • Strategic broker partnerships
  • Relationship-driven deal flow
  • Primary investment activity will occur within the Southern U.S.
  • Well located real estate within good markets

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