• Jeff is a co-founder and managing partner of RoseRock. He helps direct the firm’s acquisitions along with responsibilities for finance and legal matters and lender/banking relations.

    Jeff Brown

  • John Jordan is a co-founder and managing partner of RoseRock. He directs the development, management and implementation of the firm's business and investment strategies.

    John Jordan

  • Tyler joined RoseRock in 2014 and serves as vice president of development & operations. He focuses on all development projects providing leadership with project management and execution. He also assists with the firm’s financial, business, and investment strategies.

    Tyler Coats

  • Carma Kubu joined RoseRock in 2009 and serves as vice president of accounting. She manages all of the day-to-day financials and accounting for development projects and properties with clients, tenants, lenders, and related parties.

    Carma Kubu

  • Amy joined RoseRock in 2011 and serves as vice president of management & marketing. She maintains our online content and marketing material. She also assists in investor reporting, due diligence organization, and lender correspondence.

    Amy Bradley

  • Robert joined RoseRock in 2013 and serves as part of our management team. He assists in operating, maintaining, and managing our properties. He has over 15 years of construction related experience.

    Robert Rodriguez

  • Hallie joined RoseRock in 2019 and serves as chief lending officer of RoseRock Capital Sourcing. She is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, sourcing new opportunities and processing all loan documentation.

    Hallie Brown