RoseRock Capital Group is committed to an active role in disciplined real estate development and investments that yield maximum returns for investors.

RoseRock Capital Group seeks to execute well-conceived, fundamentally sound and profitable real estate investments on behalf of itself and its financial partners. RoseRock intends to add value through attention to detail and mitigations of risk at all levels of the investment structure—corporately, in our partnerships, and in each individual deal. We are guided by overarching and deeply rooted principles of honesty, commitment and loyalty both in the business affairs of RoseRock and the personal lives of its decision-makers. We strive daily to:

  • not spend more than we ought, but spend enough to do the job right
  • to keep our partners well-informed and a part of the process
  • to base our investment decisions on the high probability of the upside and the low probability of the downside
  • provide consistent and reliable management of our company, partnerships and deals

Investment Principles

Active participation is essential for all capital investments we make. As comfort to our investors, we want them to know that we are actively managing funds associated with ventures we lend our name to. We will not purchase real estate that we have not personally viewed and evaluated in each market. We make tough decisions well and face challenges boldly so as to cut off problems when they are most easily dealt with. We also will not invest in any businesses where we do not have quality personal relationships with principals and fully understand the business model’s path for successful returns.

We believe that consistent transparent reporting to our investors is essential. This helps sharpen performance and forces frequent evaluation and analysis of each investment. Unanimous Executive Committee approval is necessary before capital is deployed.

Investment Strategy

Initially, RoseRock has forged strategic partnerships with healthcare providers and commercial ventures that need expertise in real estate finance and development in order to complete their vision for a new and profitable healthcare service. Given the demographic shifts in our population, RoseRock believes that healthcare related opportunities are growing and provide for the deployment of many risk mitigating investment structures. RoseRock has positioned itself to take advantage of this trend and to bring these opportunities to its financial partners.

RoseRock’s principals are actively pursuing well-located, commercial development and re-development opportunities. RoseRock will evaluate opportunities in select markets and will seek strategic partnerships where desirable to enhance the probability of achieving superior returns. Target investments will have the following characteristics:

  • Attractive leveraged dividend yields
  • Substantial discounts to replacement cost
  • Leveraged IRR’s of 20-30%
  • Leveraged Equity Multiples of 3.0x-4.5x

RoseRock’s primary investment activity will occur in Texas and throughout the central United States. These locations emphasize RoseRock’s commitment to a hands-on, active approach to its deals. RoseRock’s headquarters in Bryan are centrally located and ideal for managing Texas and Central US based deals.